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Van Tyres

Vans usually require specific tyres in order to cope with the load of the vehicle in tough working environments such as construction sites. When it comes to high quality van tyres we have an expansive range here at Elite Direct, covering premium brands such as Dunlop, Yokohama, Fulda and many more, as well as mid-range and budget brands, making sure you get the best tyres at affordable prices. All of our van tyres go through rigorous checks including fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise class to ensure our customers get the best products for their money. Choosing the right van tyres is vital for reducing fuel consumption and subsequently reducing CO2 emissions, as well as improving the safety and handling of your vehicle. Here at Elite Direct we have a huge range of stock covering different terrains and even the most difficult of weather conditions such as heavy snow and mud. We stock some of the most innovative tyre brands to ensure you can drive in comfort both on and off-road.

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Safety Of Your Van Tyres

Van tyres need to be looked after to ensure they give maximum performance and tyre life while making sure your van is safe to drive. Regular checks on your vans tyres are vital in maintaining van safety as having worn tyres can seriously compromise the safety of your vehicle. A worn tread, for example, results in longer breaking distances and less responsive handling. Tyres must also be well maintained in order to keep the vehicle stable whilst cornering, especially when carrying heavy loads. Wheel alignment is another important aspect of van tyre safety. With quick manoeuvres and ever changing road surfaces, tyres can damage easily. This can have a serious effect on the efficiency of your vehicle. Our mechanics will make sure your tyres are of a maximum quality to suit you and your van’s requirements. With incredible product designs which will help to decrease fuel consumption, noise, safety and handling and overall comfort whilst driving, our range of tyres along with our expert advice will leave you to drive away satisfied.

Van Tyres Supply & Fit In Our Rainham Centre

All of the van tyres we supply at Elite Direct ensure a high performance including fuel efficiency and high mileage. We know everything there is to know about our van tyres with brands including Continental, Dunlop, Kumho and more. We understand that different vehicles have different needs and our expert technicians are on hand to make sure we match your needs with our impressive range. We’ve built a reputation as one of the most trustworthy mechanics around, giving the best recommendations on the tyres to suit you and your budget. We know exactly what you need and we’ll even fit them for you to make sure you drive away with the best van tyres for you. For more information on our range of van tyres, or if you have any other general enquiries, make sure to give us a call on 01708 875 245 today.