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Nexen N8000 Tyres

As one of the country’s most popular tyre brands, Nexen have consistently provided customers with top quality products for a number of years. Their various different models mean that their appeal is able to reach a wide array of drivers, and this is no different when talking about Nexen N8000 tyres – a prime example of why their production teams are so highly thought of within the British industry and beyond.

As a brand that have done much to consolidate their place as one of the more reliable manufacturers of high quality tyres, and with the Nexen 8000 tyres it is not difficult to see how they have managed to do so. The model itself ensures that the performance levels of your vehicle will be kept at high levels throughout their usage, providing a new dimension of control previously unavailable to road users.

Here at Elite Direct, we believe that these tyres shouldn’t be the preserve of those with big budgets and people willing to break the bank, but affordable for the everyday road user, too. We guarantee that the prices you will find here at Elite Direct will be some of the best on the market, and our wealth of knowledge surrounding our products will mean that you’ll always leave with the tyre most suited to your car and to your needs.

Tyres by Nexen

It can often be difficult to sift through the wealth of tyres by Nexen that we have in stock here at Elite Direct. Fortunately, we will be able to immediately assess whether or not the Nexen N8000 will be a perfect fit with your car – whether you are looking to improve its safety, handling or performance respectively.

These are the factors that ultimately will play a huge part in your final decision, so it is important we are on hand to guide you through the pros and cons of the Nexen N8000 and assess whether or not it is best suited to you and your driving. We ensure that each and every customer is treated with the same level of service as the last – something that has done much to set us apart from our competitors within the industry.

Nexen Tyres from Elite Direct

The N8000 is, of course, one of many tyres by the esteemed brand we have in store here at Elite Direct, and Nexen themselves are in good company when it comes to the other brands we stock, too. If you are looking to increase the performance level of your car, then there are few better placed that the team here at Elite Direct – with over 10,000 tyres in our warehouse and a team of experts ready and waiting to assist, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your car’s wheels.

For more information on the Nexen N8000 and the benefits it can bring to your car, then contact us today on 01708 875 245.

SKU Brand Range Size EU Tyre Label Price
8807622096808 Nexen N8000 245/45R17 99W Fuel Efficiency: C - Wet Grip: C - Noise Class 3 - 74dB £78.00