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Goodyear DURAGRIP Tyres

DuraGrip tyres from Goodyear are ideal for modern day family cars that are constantly stopping and starting in traffic, and at Elite Direct you can pick them up at the best prices. We stock a huge range of Goodyear tyres and DuraGrip is one of the most popular designs, thanks to the uncompromising level of quality you’d expect from Goodyear. If you’re in the market for DuraGrip tyres then make sure you get in touch with Elite Direct today.

If you’re looking for a tough tyre that can meet the needs of cars which do shorter journeys in traffic then DuraGrip could be the product for you. DuraGrip tyres offer high mileage and safety, and are an excellent choice for increased dry handling performance and improved noise reduction. The DuraGrip design also has the added advantage of enhanced wet performance, with deep water aquaplaning resistance. Elite Direct should be your first and only choice when you’re seeking DuraGrip Tyres.

High Quality Tyres

You can enjoy a quiet, comfortable ride with DuraGrip, as these high quality tyres feature closed grooves and continuous ribs on the outer zone, which assists in reducing noise levels. You can also take advantage of improved handling thanks to Goodyear’s innovative technology, which increases the rubber-to-road contact. A lot of thought has gone into the development of DuraGrip tyres and at Elite Direct you can pick them up at the most affordable prices.

Why choose Elite Direct for DuraGrip tyres?

At Elite Direct we pride ourselves on offering customers a great level of service combined with high quality tyres. We stock over 10,000 tyres in our warehouse, so you can be sure that we’ll have whatever you’re looking for. If you ever need any assistance in selecting the right tyre then a friendly member of our team will always be on hand to assist you, and we won’t rest until you’re happy.

If you have any questions about Elite Direct or the service that we provide then get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team today. We’ll be able to point you in the right direction and match your vehicle with the perfect tyre. Elite Direct has helped thousands of people find high quality tyres and now we want to use all that we’ve learnt over the years to help you.

SKU Brand Range Size EU Tyre Label Price
1656014TGO530512 Goodyear DURAGRIP 165/60R14 75T Fuel Efficiency: E - Wet Grip: B - Noise Class 1 - 67dB £55.00
5452000392008 Goodyear DURAGRIP 175/65R15 84T Fuel Efficiency: B - Wet Grip: B - Noise Class 2 - 68dB £54.00
1855514HGO520503 Goodyear DURAGRIP 185/55R14 80H Fuel Efficiency: E - Wet Grip: C - Noise Class 2 - 68dB £65.00
5452000787606 Goodyear DURAGRIP 185/60R14 82T Fuel Efficiency: E - Wet Grip: E - Noise Class 2 - 68dB £39.60
1856514HGO520507 Goodyear DURAGRIP 185/65R14 86H Fuel Efficiency: E - Wet Grip: C - Noise Class 1 - 67dB £59.00