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Falken Tyres

Since they were founded in Kobe, Japan, in 1983 Falken Tires has become a world renowned tyre brand, now operating out of their headquarters in California. If you’re looking for ultra-high performance tyres for your car or truck, look no further than Falken tyres; if you’re looking for the best Falken tyres at the most affordable prices, look no further than Elite Direct.

Falken specialises in providing innovative new ultra high performance tyres for cars, trucks and buses. Despite their strong history of providing ultra-high performance tyres to drivers on the track, Falken is constantly bringing the latest and greatest racing tyre technology to the rest of the driving community. Using their research and development centres in North America, Falken have designed the innovative tyres that will make all your on-road and off-road driving a delight once more. For all your Falken tyre needs, call Elite Direct today.

Performance Tyres

We understand that different drivers need different tyres depending on what they drive and how they drive it. At Falken they’ve successfully designed a different tyre to make driving a joy whatever the weather. Whether you need tyres for your commute to work or for a drive through the country, Falken create some of the best summer, winter and off-road tyres on the market. Here at Elite Direct we know everything there is to know about tyres, and our experts will be able to recommend the perfect Falken Tyres when you call today.

Falken tyres guarantee you the very best in high quality, high performance tyres. We strive to recommend all of our customers the ultimate set of tyres based on their car and how they drive it. If you have any questions about Falken tyres or which set of high ultra-high performance tyres is best for your car or van, make sure you call Elite Direct.

Why Choose Elite Direct

For years now we have supplied the very wheels, tyres, brakes and suspension systems to satisfied customers across the country. We’ve worked hard to build our reputation as dedicated mechanics with a knack for providing the best recommendations whenever you need a new part for your vehicle. Our team of experts here at Elite Direct know everything there is to know about tyres, and will be more than able to provide you with the best Falken tyres for you today.

We’re incredibly proud of our great customer service our dedicated technicians provide. When you come to Elite Direct we’ll explain all our recommendations to ensure that drive you’re guaranteed to drive away happy. If you have any questions about Falken tyres, or if you want to discuss your other tyre options, make sure you call Elite Direct today.

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