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Car Tyres

Car tyres are possibly the most expensive part of a car in the long run, with regular replacements being made, and car tyre prices not being a deciding factor when purchasing new ones. Many people believe that the more expensive the tyre, the longer the tyre will last and the better performance it will give, but this is not always the case. Our huge range of tyres are all reliable and resilient, ensuring you get the most out of your money no matter the brand you choose. With Elite Direct you don’t have to break the bank when purchasing new car tyres online or in our Rainham centre. We put all of our tyres through rigorous testing in order to ensure the tyres are safe and provide maximum stability, wet grip, and fuel efficiency. Our high quality tyres suit a range of vehicles across the spectrum, from 4x4s, hatchbacks, trucks and more.

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Cheap Car Tyres

Our comprehensive range offers cheap car tyres and winter tyres that ensure stability, excellent handling and impressive life spans at a price you can manage. Whether you’re purchasing car tyres online or in person, you can be sure that the car tyre prices you are looking at still ensure the same level of safety as the premium brands that we stock. Not only do we offer cheap tyres, but we also offer cheap van tyres too, specifically designed to cope with the payload of a heavy vehicle. Our car tyre prices are some of the best on the market, and our affordable tyre brands often exceed customer’s expectations. We aim to ensure that you no longer have to spend a fortune when it comes to purchasing brand new tyres. Our cheap car tyres are available to suit a wide range of terrains and weather conditions that can really make a difference to the way your vehicle drives. With our car tyres, you can maximise the performance of your car within a budget you can afford. It can be difficult to choose the right tyre for your needs, especially if you’re used to choosing from our premium brands such as Continental, Kumho and Dunlop. Our experienced team of mechanics can help you to choose the best tyres for your car that guarantee high performance and quality.

Car Tyres Supplied & Fitted in Our Rainham Centre

Many garages and tyre centres often charge extortionate car tyre prices, but here at Elite Direct, we can ensure that you will be getting the highest quality tyres at the best prices on the market. Our car tyres will leave you in full control of your vehicle, while ensuring optimum levels of safety. We understand that choosing the right tyre for your vehicle can be confusing, whether you’re looking at buying car tyres online or in one of our centres. Our tyre experts and mechanics can help match the needs of your vehicle, whether you’re a long distance motorway driver, city driver or off-roader, to our extensive range of tyres, whilst always keeping your budget in mind. If you want high performance, cheap car tyres from a company that you can trust, make sure to make Elite Direct your first port of call. For more information on our range of car tyres, or for any other general enquiries, please contact a member of our team on 01708 875 245 today.

Car Manufactures We Supply Tyres For

At Elite Direct we supply one of the biggest varieties of specialised car manufacturer tyres. It is important to get the appropriate tyres for your vehicle to maximise performance and handling, whilst matching your driving style.



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