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BMW 7 Series Tyres

The BMW 7 Series is an ultimate symbol of luxury that has been rolling off the German production lines since 1977. One of BMW’s flagship cars, the 7 Series is available as 4 door sedan or an extended limousine. Over time, as you enjoy driving your 7 Series, the tyres will gradually wear away. Contact Elite Direct the next time you need to replace your BMW 7 Series car tyres. We stock a wide range of budget tyres and big name brands for whatever your preference. Michelin Pilot Alpin are a great choice of BMW 7 Series tyres and are a suitable option for even the most demanding vehicles. Pirelli are also a big name tyre brand, consider their Cinturato P7 which are more than equipped to handle even the longest journeys.

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High Performance BMW 7 Series Winter Tyres

Pirelli’s Winter Snowcontrol Serie 3 are a top choice of BMW 7 Series winter tyres that provide an improved handling and performance in the colder conditions. As soon as the temperature drops below 7°C, standard tyres become harder and lose their grip on the road. This can put your safety at risk and is also less energy efficient. Switching to BMW 7 Series winter tyres will prepare you for even the most extreme winter conditions.

BMW 7 Series Tyres Supplied & Fitted In Our Rainham Centre

Come and visit our Rainham centre, where we stock a wide range of car tyres so we are bound to have your preferred choice of BMW 7 Series car tyres. We have 19 ramps and 4 wheel alignment bays which means that our dedicated team can fit your new tyres while you wait and ensure that you are back on the roads as quickly as possible. For any enquires about out BMW 7 Series tyres, or any other questions, you can call our team at 01708 525577.