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BMW 4 Series Tyres

One of the newest members of the BMW franchise, the 4 Series first launched in 2014 and is available as a 2 door coupe, 2 door convertible and a 5 door hatchback. Available in both luxury and sporting styles, depending on preference, the 4 Series provides a smooth drive every time. Over time, your tyres will wear away so make sure you visit Elite Direct the next time you change your BMW 4 Series tyres. We stock the biggest brands and budget tyres which gives you the luxury of choice. Pirelli are one of the biggest names in tyre brands, and their P Zero Nero GT are an ideal choice for drivers with the sportier 4 Series models. The Bridgestone Driveguards are also a top choice of BMW 4 Series car tyres as they offer the ultimate comfort to your drive.

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BMW 4 Series Winter Tyres

As soon as the temperature drops below 6°C, standard tyres become hard and less responsive on the roads. When that happens it is time to change to BMW 4 Series winter tyres, to ensure your safety and provide a more economical drive sue to their slower wearing. The Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 are a popular choice among BMW drivers due to their top performance and handling in the winter season. With your BMW 4 Series winter tyres, you’ll be more than prepared for whatever the cold season throws your way.

BMW 2 Series Tyres Supplied & Fitted In Our Rainham Centre

Choose Elite Direct when it’s time to change your BMW 4 Series car tyres. You can pop into our Rainham Centre without booking an appointment. Our wide range of car tyres means that we are more than likely to have your preferred choice in stock, if not we’ll be more than happy to order them in for you. Feel free to grab a drink and snack in our café while we fit your new tyres for you, our experienced mechanics will get you back on the roads as soon as possible. For any information or further enquiries about our BMW 4 Series tyres, don’t hesitate to call us on 01708 875245.