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BMW 1 Series Tyres

The BMW 1 Series became a proud member of the BMW family in 2004, and has been the natural successor to the BMW compact ever since. Today, the 1 Series is available as a 5 and 3 door hatchback and a 2 door coupe. At Elite Direct we stock a wide range of BMW 1 Series tyres so contact us when it’s time to change yours. Different models within the 1 Series have different size tyres on their front axle, so make sure to check which size your model requires. There are a number of different options when choosing your BMW 1 Series car tyres depending on your driving style. The Michelin Energy Saver + are a popular choice for those who are economic with their fuel consumption and they offer a long life. If you’re a driver who enjoys tighter handling and enhanced braking, then you may prefer the Goodyear EfficientGrip for your new BMW 1 Series tyres.

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High Quality BMW 1 Series Car Tyres

Standard tyres harden once the temperature falls below 7°C and can no longer provide the desired grip on the roads. In this instance you will a considerable decrease to your accelerating, braking and cornering. This is the time to switch to BMW 1 Series winter tyres in the interest of your safety, plus they provide a slower wear and tear than standard tyres. BMW 1 Series winter tyres also provide you with more economical driving through the winter period.

BMW 1 Series Tyres Supplied & Fitted In Our Rainham Centre

We have over 25 years experience when it comes to fitting BMW 1 series tyres and offer a full range of car tyres to suit any car make or model.. Just pop along to our Rainham centre, no appointment necessary, and if we have your desired BMW 1 Series car tyres in stock we will fit them for you while you wait. Our centre has 19 ramps and 4 wheel alignment bays which means we’ll have you back on the road in no time. If you have any queries about our range of BMW 1 Series car tyres, don’t hesitate to phone us on 01708 875245.