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High Quality Alloy Wheels Romford

Elite Direct specialise in supplying the finest quality alloy wheels to Romford and beyond. Offering exceptional customer service is our priority, and with this in mind we aim to offer a quick, reliable service combined with competitive prices which you will love. Whether you are ordering alloy wheels online or purchasing in person from our centre, you will always receive fantastic value for money when you buy from Elite Direct, and improving the performance of your car needn’t be expensive with our help. We can supply alloy wheels for a variety of makes and models, so whatever you drive, let our expert team help to ensure that you get the right product for your vehicle.

Tyres, Romford

In addition to supplying alloys, we are also pleased to offer a cost-effective tyre tracking service in Romford. This service will enable us to realign your tyres so that they meet the specifications of your car maker, which will in turn help to ensure that your vehicle is both safe to drive and comfortable to travel in. When carried out successfully, this could reduce your fuel spend by as much as 10%, and the reduction in tyre wear could increase the lifespan of your tyres by 25%.

If you are looking for new tyres in Romford, tyre tracking, or suspensions we recommend that you look no further than Elite Direct, where quality and affordability come first. Contact us today on 01708 874 187 to begin your enquiry, or complete our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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