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Alloy Wheels In Grays

If you are looking to make your car a real statement and ensure it catches the eye when you are out and about on the road, you can’t go far wrong with the addition of alloy wheels. Here at Elite Direct, we supply and install an extensive range of alloy wheels in Grays to suit all manner of makes and models of vehicles. Sourced from a number of the leading manufacturers in the industry, you can rest assured that the choices we have available to you have all been designed with style in mind.

Customising a car and really making it your own is a passion and one which we at Elite Direct are well aware of and take incredibly seriously. Aesthetic appeal is therefore key, and we have built a solid reputation for only every supplying alloy wheels that will successfully add to the appearance of your vehicle.

Tyres Grays

Alongside our range of alloy wheels, we also supply high quality tyres in Grays at highly competitive prices. Whilst you may initially believe that a new set of tyres will be a considerable expensive, we have endeavoured to make our tyres as affordable as possible so everyone, no matter what your budget, can benefit from new tyres on their vehicle.

Our team are also more than happy to offer advice on the right tyres to meet your needs, so feel free to give us a call or pop in to your local centre in Grays should you need any information.

Tyre Tracking

Tyre tracking is a vital part of tyre performance and safety, ensuring tread wear is minimised and the tyres perform to their maximum level for the longest possible time. We can conduct tyre tracking in Grays within all of our centres to make your driving experience enjoyable and the performance of your vehicle efficient and effective.

To find out more about any of our available services, from the supply of tyres to the installation of alloy wheels, get in touch today by giving our team a call or by completing our online contact form.

Car Servicing In Chelmsford

Car Servicing In Chelmsford