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Tyres, Chigwell & Laughton

Elite Direct offer an extensive range of alloy wheels and tyres in Chigwell and Laughton, sourced from industry-leading brands such as Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli. Suitable for many different vehicles, we offer a huge selection, so whether you require tyres for winter, on a budget or those suitable for 4x4s travelling on rough terrain, we can help. Our expert mechanical engineers will be able to provide you with independent advice on the best choice of tyres for your vehicle, and we can change them for you too, adhering to all safety standards.

We also offer tyre tracking, also known as wheel alignment. This refers to the process of the checking the position and direction of your tyres, to ensure that it is still in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. It is extremely important, as if they are aligned incorrectly, it can increase the effects of tyre wear and eventually have an impact on the safety of your vehicle too.

High Quality Alloy Wheels

Elite Direct are also specialists in alloy wheels, servicing and suspense systems, providing a lighter and more attractive option for your car which helps improve efficiency and performance. Our alloy wheels are all sourced from leading brands and can be fitted to your vehicle at our specialist workshop by trained mechanics.

If you’re looking for a supply only service, you can search quickly and easily on our website with exact specifications to ensure that you get the right fit, and order them to be delivered to your home or premises. Alternatively, why not visit our luxurious showroom and workshop where you can enjoy a hot meal in our café with free Wi-Fi and televisions while one of our experts carries out the work on your vehicle? If you’d like to arrange and change of tyres or wheel, or tyre tracking in Chigwell or Loughton, please call 01708 875 245 or fill out our online contact form.

Car Servicing In Chelmsford

Car Servicing In Chelmsford