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Uniroyal Tyres

If you are looking for tyres that perform excellently in wet and rainy conditions, Uniroyal tyres from Elite Direct may be the perfect choice for you. We offer an extensive range of tyres that are designed for challenging weather conditions and Uniroyal is a brand that is an expert in this field. As the inventors of the rain tyre, Uniroyal is a name that is synonymous with the best in wet weather tyre technology. Uniroyal is one of the best-known in its industry throughout Europe and vehicle owners love the high level of safety that Uniroyal tyres can offer in wet road conditions. If you are looking for wet-weather tyres, look no further than Elite Direct.


With the UK and Ireland experiencing around 165 rainy days each year, it’s imperative that car owners feel satisfied with the safety of their tyres. The manufacturers at Uniroyal have safety as part of their key philosophy. It is twice as likely that you will have an accident in wet conditions compared to when the roads are dry, which is why Uniroyal tyres have been extensively researched and tested in order to make them as safe as possible. The brand has spent years developing a product that effectively channels water away from your tyres, allowing increased grip on the road. Elite Direct can offer your vehicle tyres by Uniroyal that will ensure excellent wet-weather performance.

Uniroyal car tyre range

At Elite Direct, we are dedicated to providing only the best brand name tyres to our customers. With over 10,000 in stock we can guarantee that we will have tyres that will truly suit you and your vehicle. You are likely to have a number of needs and specifications for your tyres. Not only will you be searching for improved performance, economy and the perfect fit for your vehicle, you will also be searching for tyres that are safety assured. When you choose Uniroyal from Elite Direct, you can feel confident that your vehicle will be able to handle wet weather conditions with ease. We have a number of Uniroyal tyres available, making it easy for you to find the perfect product.

Rainy conditions can have a dramatic effect on the way you drive and the way your vehicle performs on the road. A bit of excess water on the road should never be underestimated, as this could reduce your visibility and increase the risk of aquaplaning at higher speeds. If the water that is building up at the front of your tyre cannot be dispersed, your tyres will gradually lose contact with the ground. Tyres by Uniroyal are innovative in the way that they reduce the risk of aquaplaning and also provide optimal traction on wet roads. With tyres that can disperse large amounts of water from the road surface every second, you will feel safe when your vehicle is equipped with Uniroyal.


Tyres from Elite Direct

We understand that our customers will be searching for durable quality at the best possible prices. At Elite Direct, we don’t believe in charging premium prices for staple products, which is why we provide some of the best tyre brand names at affordable prices. Every car owner is entitled to own tyres that can offer performance, economy and excellent safety. So, if you are searching for Uniroyal tyres at great prices, Elite Direct should always be your first port of call.

If you have any questions about Elite Direct, or about any of the tyres we provide, contact us today. A friendly and knowledgeable member of our team will be happy to answer your questions and will even be able to recommend the best tyres for your needs and specifications.