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Subaru Tyres

When it comes to your Subaru tyres it is incredibly important that you replace them as soon as they start to become bald or reach a tread depth of 1.6mm. Tyres can be one of the most expensive parts of your car to replace regularly, however here at Elite Direct, not only do we offer a wide range of some of the best Subaru car tyres, but we also provide the best prices too. Our range of Subaru tyres are rather firm and offer complete reliability when on the road. At Elite Direct, as we offer such an extensive range of Subaru car tyres, so whether you are looking for tyres to match your brand new Subaru Impreza or another later model, we have the utmost confidence we can find something for you. Our professional yet friendly team can help you match the exact requirements to the Subaru car tyres to ensure your vehicle reaches its full potential when it comes to performance.

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Long-Lasting Subaru Car Tyres

The Subaru brand has been around since the 1950s and is synonymous for revolutionizing the rally car market. The Subaru Forester model which appeared in 1997 changed the perception of off-road cars within the automobile industry. Now Subaru car tyres have the optimum balance between performance, comfort and long-lasting durability. When it comes to choosing the most appropriate Subaru tyres for your vehicle there are a few factors that need to be considered including the type and size of your car, to the way you use and drive your vehicle. The tread depth of all of the tyres that we supply has been studied to ensure that there is maximum grip both on straight roads, as well as around bends, and at the same time they also reduce braking distance, fuel consumption and the hydroplaning effect on wet surfaces.

Subaru Tyres Supplied & Fitted In Our Rainham Centre

At Elite Direct we take great pride in providing an extensive yet varied range of Subaru tyres, and on top of that we can also fit them here in our Rainham centre. Our workshop boasts nineteen ramps and four wheel alignments bays, as well as the latest diagnostic equipment which enables our specialist engineer team to give your car a thorough service. Whether you are in need of budget economical tyres or brand specific- Subaru car tyres, we have the utmost confident that we can find the right tyres for you. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best service, so we will only suggest the best tyres to suit your vehicle’s performance and your driving style. We have more than 25 years’ worth of industry experience which means you will have the most appropriate tyres for you and your car. If you require any more information on the services that we supply or on our Subaru tyres, then please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience on 0170 25 577.