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Skoda Tyres

Skoda cars are commonly used as a family car, while maintaining an essence of luxury on their models. As one of the largest car manufacturers in Central Europe, Skoda cars would not be complete without hard-wearing tyres that make the drive feel even smoother. All of the different Skoda tyres offer different performance characteristics, with some offering a greater level of economy for a family car, some offering low mileage for executive motoring and high performance tyres for high speed driving. Tyres are one of the most important parts of a car, as they are the only part of the vehicle that actually makes any contact with the road. Because of this, you need to ensure that your Skoda tyres are not only efficient, but also long-lasting and of the highest quality. By law, you should change your tyres when they reach the 1.6mm mark, but we recommend changing your tyres before then to optimise your safety. With performance and safety being the two most important factors that Skoda takes into consideration when it comes to creating their Skoda tyres, you can be sure that you will always get the best performance of your car when you choose Skoda car tyres.

Versatile Skoda Car Tyres

Not only are Skoda car tyres versatile, they are also exceptionally practical and provide a comfortable ride leaving you in full control of your car. On top of that they a great choice for both, city and motorway driving, Skoda car tyres can even tackle the harshest of winters with their range of Skoda winter tyres. Come rain, snow and ice, no other tyre can provide as sufficient a grip and ultimate control as our range of Skoda winter tyres. Improvements in design and quality allow the Skoda winter tyres to ensure that they provide excellent handling while tackling harsh road conditions, and whether you’re in a Skoda hatchback or the family friendly Skoda Octavia, you will be certain to have a comfortable ride even on long trips. Skoda winter tyres are made from innovative technologies which will help to provide maximum grip, handling and performance on snow and ice, and other harsh weather conditions. Safety is of exceptional importance to both us and Skoda, and so we ensure that all of our Skoda car tyres are tested both at the manufacturer and by us to 100% guarantee your safety.

Skoda Tyres Supplied & Fitted In Our Rainham Centre

Here at Elite Direct, we supply some of the most impressive ranges of Skoda car tyres, and can fit them in our Rainham centre. Our centre boasts nineteen ramps, four wheel alignment bays and a selection of diagnostic technology which can help to give your car a once over so you can ensure that your car is in perfect working order before you leave. Skoda tyres are certain to give you a pleasurable ride no matter how you drive, and our experts can help to match your driving style to our selection of tyres, so you can be sure to leave with the best tyre for you. Whether you’re looking for Skoda winter tyres, or Skoda tyres that provide performance at high speeds or in the city, look to us here at Elite Direct. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we are certain to have everything you need when it comes to Skoda car tyres. For more information regarding our Skoda tyres, or if you have any other general enquiries don’t hesitate to get in touch today on 01708 525 577.