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Jeep Tyres

Jeep dates back To World War II when their vehicles were used by the allies in 1941, then the Jeep market expanded when they became available to civilians in 1945.Today, Jeep prided themselves on providing the world’s best 4x4 vehicles so their customers can enjoy the adventure of taking the path less trodden. If you own a Jeep, the chances are that you are naturally a rugged and adventurous individual. Jeeps offer some of the best off road capabilities, therefore when you come to change your Jeep tyres, you need the best tyres that wear well and evenly, produce minimal noise and offer high levels of grip and stability to help you deal with the rugged off road conditions. When choosing your Jeep tyres you want the best quality to maintain optimal ride quality and safety. The tyres you choose should provide stability and shock absorption to ensure you get the best performance. We know that, as a Jeep driver, you enjoy driving off road in all weathers and all conditions, and we are determined to fit your Jeep with tyres that will perform brilliant on the black stuff, better in the brown stuff and wonderful in the white stuff.

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Best Quality Jeep Wrangler Tyres & Jeep Cherokee Tyres

The Jeep Cherokee remains one of Jeep’s most popular models and is equally effective on and off road. For your car you’ll want your Jeep Cherokee tyres to meet the performance you expect. The Cherokee is well known for its excellent handling and reduced noise. For new Jeep Cherokee tyres your choices include the Goodyear Wrangler HP, Michelin Latitude tour HP, Pireli Scorpion STR and Continental Cross Contact LX Sport MO. The Jeep Wrangler combines comfort and capability to ensure you are adequately supported whenever you venture off road. Jeep Wrangler tyres enable the Wrangler to provide its drivers and passengers with the highest level of comfort and sophistication. The Wrangler offered greater off road capabilities than the Cherokee and therefore requires a higher profile height of 70-75mm. When choosing your new Jeep Wrangler tyres you may wish to choose from the Goodyear Wrangler HP, Dunlop Grand Trek AT3 and Continental Conti Cross contact LX Sport MO.

Jeep Tyres Supplied & Fitted In Our Rainham Centre

When you need to replace you Jeep tyres make sure you contact us at Elite Direct. Come and visit our Rainham centre today, there is no appointment necessary. If we have you Jeep Wrangler tyres in stock, we will fit them for you while you wait. Or you can phone us to check if we have your preferred Jeep Cherokee tyres in stock, if not we will order them in. While you wait you can relax in our newly refurbished waiting area. We ensure to get you back on the road in no time. For all of your car tyres needs or for any further enquiries call us today on 01708 525 577.