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High Quality Brakes In Chelmsford

Having brakes which are in good condition is a key part of maintaining a safe and reliable vehicle, and whatever the age of your car, careful consideration should always be given to ensuring that your brakes remain fully operational. Elite Direct are a leading supplier of high quality brakes and tyres to Chelmsford motorists, and have developed a fantastic reputation for supplying the best products at the best prices.

Car Servicing Chelmsford

We offer both interim and full car servicing in Chelmsford which is designed to ensure that your vehicle is always working reliably and efficiently, and that you can always drive in safety. Regular servicing will not only help to guarantee a more reliable vehicle, but could also improve fuel economy and vehicle performance whilst reducing the risk of a breakdown or the need for costly repairs. Elite Direct can provide MOTs and car servicing for all makes and models, so why go anywhere else for a comprehensive car service at a competitive price?


Each year your vehicle will need to undergo an MOT to ensure that it is roadworthy. We will carry out a comprehensive range of checks to ensure that every element of your vehicle is working as it should; helping to give you the peace of mind that your car is safe to drive. If the time is approaching for an MOT, make a booking with Elite Direct, who are specialists in MOTs in Chelmsford.

Contact us today to begin your enquiry or learn more about any of our services, including MOTS and car servicing.

Car Servicing In Chelmsford


Car Servicing In Chelmsford